Florida Mortgages

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Florida mortgages is your one-stop source for information. Find out all you need to know about Florida mortgages today.

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Mortgages and The Nerds Who Love Them was birthed from the mind of the Mortgage Nerd. Find out all you need to know about mortgages today.

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Bad Credit Mortgages

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Bad credit mortgages is your one-stop source for information. Find out all you need to know about bad credit mortgages today, nerd.

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Second Mortgages

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Second mortgages is your one-stop nerd source for information. Find out all you need to know about second mortgages today.

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Mortgage Nerd Provides the Best Mortgage Information

Mortgage Nerd has no friends and, thus, a lot of time on his hands. Come see all the information the Mortgage Nerd has dug up for you.

Mortgage Nerd - Straight From The Dork's Mouth

He lives in a basement. His mother pads around upstairs zapping up TV dinners. Lord of the Rings plays around the clock on his plasma screen TV. His eyes are rotted half-blind from staring at a computer screen 18 hours a day. He is 38 years old and his dual missions in life are playing Doom and researching mortgage information. He meets girls online. Who is this mysterious man? We know him by one name only: Mortgage Nerd.

The Mortgage Nerd shows no mercy when it comes to finding the most bare-bone facts. Many lenders and organizations, knowing his influence, have strove to buy out his integrity. Not happening, not with this nerd. The only thing he swears allegiance to is mortgages. Like a good scientist, he believes in truth, and seeks only truth. He cannot be persuaded. His loyalties are none. A lone ranger, boldly battling the harsh climate of bad credit mortgages.

The Mortgage Nerd - A Man Driven by Vengeance

He is brave indeed. A gentleman who lives on candy and Gatorade. And he only occasionally takes a break from his research to post on internet message boards. He has many virtual friends. But no one knows his face. He would like to keep it that way, because he sees himself as a modern day super hero. Like Batman - no one ever saw his face. Plus his face isn't that pretty. He has many craters from crippling acne as a sullen teenager. But he takes the anger and funnels it into vengeance and seeks out to rid the world of corrupt lenders adulterating the world with high-interest and faulty second mortgages.

None shall be spared the wrath of the Mortgage Nerd. Be dazzled by his virtuosity, his fine wrangling of tricky complicated loans such as a countrywide mortgage or an American mortgage. Click on any one of our links to find out more information about home loans and to find which home loan will be best for you. If you live in Florida, you can also find a page on this site specifically for you regarding Florida mortgages.

No truth is too far buried for the Mortgage Nerd.

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